Publié le 12 janvier 2009, modifié le 23 octobre 2014.
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Questions to Gabe Zichermann CEO RmbrME :

Publié le 12 janvier 2009, modifié le 23 octobre 2014.
Par La Rédaction

What is rmbrME?

rmbrME is the breakthrough Mobile Contact Exchange (MCX) company that lets you send and receive socially-networked business cards via SMS and using beamME (iPhone/Touch) – the world’s most popular MCX app for the iPhone. It’s the highest-impact, easiest and fastest way to create new connections.Just punch a few keys on your mobile phone and your new lead instantly gets your card. They can browse your products and services, custom greeting and photos, and send their card back to your Address Book, CRM or Outlook for follow-up and tracking. They can even add you directly to their LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace.

What Social Networks are supported by rmbrME?
You can connect any website to your card, including all major (and most minor) social networks, your blog, online profiles and any corporate or personal website you choose.
When will beamME for Blackberry/Android/WinMo be available?
Very, very soon. J But in the meantime, you can use rmbrME today with your device without having to wait for software. Although it’s not perfect, it really does work now. 

How much does rmbrME cost?
rmbrME is totally free for users, aside from any normal text messaging or mobile web charges their carrier may levy. Because we made it possible to send from either the web or text to either email or mobile phones, it’s possible for the service to be used in a completely free way.   

What’s So Innovative about rmbrME? Haven’t we been able “beam” cards since the Palm Pilot days? AKA – Why do I care?
Early smartphones included sophisticated software for sending and receiving cards using IR (infrared). Both devices had to be running the same software, users had to know the device’s OS rev, the software had to be activated, the devices needed to be correctly positioned, and then users had to accept the transfer of a card, add it to their address book and parse the information.
This same metaphor is possible today with IR, Bluetooth and even email-a-vCard options. However, in every case there is a “negotiation” required between the two parties about technology. Even iPhones and Blackberries don’t implement vCard sharing in a unified way, preventing users from easily transmitting contacts between them.

Paper business cards, on the other hand, are universal – if you can read, you can use one. But they are also flat, lack social network connectivity, are expensive, environmentally questionable, difficult to update and require manual data entry. They also lack tracking capabilities and do very little for your ability to remember who the person was and why they are important.

We believe that a solution to the contact exchange problem must meet the following criteria:Device independent (it must work on and between every smartphone),Fast (it must take no more time than typing in someone’s number in your phone), Affordable (it must be as cost-effective, all in, as business cards). Anything less isn’t a solution – it’s just another chance to line up those pretty little IR ports or jump through some Bluetooth hoops only to be denied. That’s why we made rmbrME the way we did: fully interoperable, so that you can incorporate mobile contact exchange and lead management into your workflow without negotiation.

What’s Your Business Model?

The basic version of rmbrME is completely free to users, with the exception of any standard data or SMS charges their carriers may impose. Many of our alpha users have asked us for innovations that would fall into the “premium service” category. We’re currently evaluating those options and will continue to innovate to match our user community’s desire.

Isn’t rmbrME best known for making Funware/Games?
Since we launched, we’ve worked on a number of Funware applications, mostly in the photo space. We were even a TC40 (50?) semi-finalist in 2007 for our photo-organizing Funware app. rmbrME was an outgrowth of one of Gabe’s biggest problems: how to manage contacts during and after one of his many speaking engagements. People responded so well to receiving Gabe’s card that it quickly took on a life of its own. We’re also excited about the many opportunities to use Funware design to improve the contact flow, and we plan to deploy those ideas to make meeting people less anxiety-ridden and more meaningful.

What does the future hold for rmbrME?

We’re going to continue to innovate the field of real-life lead management and contact exchange, and bring the power of rmbrME to everyone.  

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