Publié le 25 septembre 2008, modifié le 30 octobre 2014.
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Here are 4 questions to Andrew Schorr Co-Founder Mobile Native CEO:

Publié le 25 septembre 2008, modifié le 30 octobre 2014.
Par La Rédaction

Can you tell us more about your service?

In the mobile realm, we offer two services to our users, SMS search and WAP.

We are Beijing’s only free SMS search service.  We have strived from the beginning to operate all three of our public products (SMS, WAP, and web) as a unified service. To that end, we built some rather sophisticated capabilities into a rather simple process of sending and receiving text messages so it works just like searching the web.  Users can search our database of venues with keyword-area searches as they would online (for example sanlitun burgers, CBD thai, etc.), and our search pulls out the area terms and then displays results for the keyword in order of distance from that area in the returning SMS.  Users can also query a Chinese-English dictionary by adding the letter "d" to any text message they send.

We are Beijing’s only English WAP city guide.  The WAP site allows users to view short descriptions, reviews, and address information for Beijing venues.  Users can dial the venue with one click or share the venue contact details with a friend by SMS.  Proximity search allows the user to view venues in order of expanding proximity from any point in our database.

What is your business model?

We aren’t currently trying to make any money from our public services. We use them to help build a brand, grow a user-base, and maintain our database.  We use many of the tools, products, and database we developed for our free city guide to offer contract- and subscription-based services to clients in various industries.

What are the projects, additional features you’re preparing?

Our web-based concierge resource that we recently released has received a very good reception with hotels here in Beijing.  We are continuing to develop features for that product as well as looking to expansion.  After we develop the concierge client to maturity, we’ll return focus to the mobile side of our operations.

What are the current users’ feedback, your learnings on the service’s usage?

We have received lots of great feedback from our users and our clients.
We have over 200 tickets on our development road map for upgrades and new features, so we’re looking forward to how the service will look and perform after ticking those off.

I really enjoy going through the logs and seeing how people are using the service.  We’ve learned the most from the search logs, and have adjusted accordingly.  In addition, it has been rewarding seeing people use some of the more advanced search features are a bit complex.  It shows we have more than just casual users; people are learning and understanding are product as they use it.

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