Publié le 20 février 2013, modifié le 23 juin 2020.
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Timbre, la simplicité l’axe majeure d’une apps autour de la musique et la vente de billet

Publié le 20 février 2013, modifié le 23 juin 2020.
Par La Rédaction

Who is "intrépid"?

Intrepid is a mobile app development company based in Cambridge, MA (Boston area). We focus exclusively on building native iOS and Android apps. 80% of the time is spent building apps on a consulting basis, 20% of the time we build apps we love like Timbre (internal apps). Intrepid is the company that created Timbre. 

Why this name?

We actually did not take the French meaning into account when we got the name Timbre (sorry =p). Timbre means the quality of a music note in English.

The user experience is minimal, is this intentionnel?

The UI is designed to be minimalistic. We intentionally left out search filters and made it a pure location-based music discovery app. We believe simplicity is the number one reason that the app is successful (#1 New and Noteworthy in US, Top 10 in AU, NA and Canada). However, we are constantly evaluating new features to add to the app, like in the latest version we added a playlist for the grammy's, which will be updated to other music festivals in the future.

How did you work for the data of the concert?

We used to pull our data from Jambase. We recently switched to SeatGeek in pursuit of better in-app ticket purchasing experience for our users. Music streaming is done through iTunes.

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