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[LeWeb’14] Tweet sur l’intervention de @jowyang

Publié le 9 décembre 2014, modifié le 10 décembre 2014.
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Jeremiah is the Chief Catalyst and Founder of Crowd Companies, which focuses on how large companies tap the collaborative economy, maker movement, and customer collaboration.

@LukaszZgiep > New model of sharing economy (Photos ci-dessus)

@Dan_Rowinski > I’ve been following @jowyang for years. Here he is talking the future of the crowd at #leweb

@LOMBARDI_GLORIA > The Collaborative Economy is pervading every industry – from healthcare to utilities and universities – and even cities

@PartechShaker > New fields in #sharingeconomy : healthcare, wellness, logistics, utilities, cities & education

@IvanHernandez > “The new Crowd Economy is in every single sector of the economy!”

@keyhell > Collaborative services market is bigger than social networks market. And it’s younger.

@PartechShaker > #sharingeconomy : each industry will be impacted, APIs are key, global debate, the crowds will ask startups to share the benefits #LeWeb

@adamwoodsaus > With incredible global population growth, how can we NOT have a sharing economy?’ – great point by @jowyang

@LesClesDeDemain > Olivier Gremillon (@Airbnb) : La crise économique a clairement joué un rôle dans le développement de nouveaux services collaboratifs

@prlvx > #BlaBlaCar says you need to break your model into small scalable blocks and components. Simple yet important advice

@Bitwip > Plus d’usagers de @BlaBlaCar_FR que de passagers dans l’Eurostar !(2 million people)

@RBouton > #leweb Rouler aux US coute 3x moins cher qu’en Europe, d’où le succès de @BlaBlaCar en Europe.

@LesClesDeDemain > Peu d’intérêt pour Blablacar de se développer aux Etats-Unis : le carburant n’y est pas cher et les autoroutes souvent gratuites #leweb

@MichelEzran > Crowd economy : how do we ensure safety and privacy and trust ? There are very few cases according to #airbnb

@JPhLouis > “You have to grow consistantly to be global and local” Frédéric Mazzell

@EricFitteDuva > « Sur le marché français, plus de 50% de nos réservations sont en dehors des grandes villes » Olivier Grémillon (Airbnb)

@LOMBARDI_GLORIA > BlaBlaCar has defined 7 values to ensure that their organisational culture is kept the same despite the growth

@dominiquepiotet > In Trust We Trust is one of the value of Blablacar. Ceo has always is value cards in his pocket. Silicon Valley spirit is in France.

@leweb > Most of the laws that regulate our business have been drafted 50 years ago!” says @Airbnb’s @ogremillon

@polytechnix > Remember the red flag act with the lobby of horsecars: problems betweenn Lyft/Uber are not new

@LNDblog > #Lyft MD on how to build trust in the system. Government regulation + private sector initiatives.


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