Publié le 9 décembre 2014, modifié le 10 décembre 2014.
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[LeWeb’14] Tweet sur l’intervention de @fredwilson

Publié le 9 décembre 2014, modifié le 10 décembre 2014.
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Fred Wilson has been a venture capitalist since 1987. He currently is a managing partner at Union Square Ventures and also founded Flatiron Partners.

@quentinn > Very interesting conversation on valuation, trends. uber as an example of disruptive innovation #leweb Fred Wilson (Photos ci-dessus)

@papadimitriou >   “Breakout companies tend to capture a very large share of their market” —@fredwilson

@Thomas_Husson > @fredwilson finds Uber’s valuation at $40bn normal. #leweb

@nicocelier > Beg for forgiveness rather than ask for permission when you enter and disrupt a market dixit @fredwilson

@adamwoodsaus > Interesting point by @fredwilson about Uber. Basically he thinks they will have to become better corporate citizens as they mature. #leweb

@nxtstop1 > Wilson:Wearables r part of ‘personal mesh'(of data)incl devices & sensors near you~detect sleep patterns &implantables #leweb

@metamedia > “des voitures sans conducteur dans 5 ans si les gens en veulent” : plus une question de volonté que de techno #leweb

@Altaide_JF > Selon @FredWilson #leweb dans le futur, parler à des ordinateurs deviendra courant. «Nous le faisons déjà dans nos voitures !»

@CorseForPro > @fredwilson le problème c’est que normalement la chance n’a pas sa place là, quand il y a un peu de méthode et de réflexion

@laura_monney > @fredwilson says there is little risk of losing regulated taxis- they will learn to co-exist with ber throughout most of the world. #leweb”

@inkolas > « En tant qu’entrepreneur, si vous demandez toujours l’autorisation, on vous répondra toujours non »

@matt_barrie > “We could have driverless cars within five years if humans wanted. But the behavioral switch is going to be a problem.” @fredwilson

@FGraillot > A valuation of 20x revenue is not irrational for companies that double their turnover each year.

@giovannidepaola > venture capitalist @FredWilson on regulation: the problem is that now governments want to do what Google and Facebook are doing #leweb

@rdethiersant > “we like companies who are going straight to the consumers bypassing existing system”

@simplycomm > “The sharing economy is no longer an emerging trend. It is now a real thing.”

@vulicvladimir > “#Bitcoin was all the rage last year, and now nobody is talking about it. I like that. It makes investing easier.


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