Publié le 3 novembre 2010, modifié le 23 juin 2020.
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Interview de Mike Lucaccini, Archetype, au sujet de Windows Phone 7

Publié le 3 novembre 2010, modifié le 23 juin 2020.
Par La Rédaction

Mike Lucaccini est President de la societe Archetype, basee a San Francisco.

Archetype est une societe spécialisée dans les applications Internet avec une forte orientation pour des interfaces utilisateur avancées.

Archetype a fait le choix d'etre pret pour le lancement de Windows Phone 7 avec quelques applications… Pourquoi ?

Phil Jeudy pour ServicesMobiles – Can you tell us more about the background of your company?

Mike LucacciniArchetype is a leading interactive design and engineering firm, specializing in rich internet applications, mobile applications, branded experiences, and advanced user interfaces. Our clients span from large technology companies to digital agencies and early technology adopters. With an industry-leading team and a proven track record, we work with companies such as Microsoft and Adobe to develop innovative products and provide world class services. Our experience and expertise includes Silverlight, WP7, Windows Azure, Flash, AIR, iPhone, Android, WPF, HTML5 and several other web, mobile, desktop and backend web and mobile technologies.

PJ – What do you plan to launch?

ML – Associated Press News Reader application, which pulls in AP’s news feeds and allows users to search for and discover stories, images and video, as well as set advanced user preferences (e.g.., setting region, font sizes, number of articles per page, which categories appear, turning images on/off, etc.). Users can also customize the experience by adding local news and weather feeds, and the application also includes a White Label component, allowing AP’s affiliates to take the core application and rebrand it for their particular market and set of news feeds.

 The second launch is the Fandango WP7 application. This application is focused on movie and theater information as well as ticket purchasing. The application includes several advanced features such as discovering movies and theaters based on location, viewing video trailers, reviewing movies, and also incorporates social networking features (e.g., Twitter).  

 The last application is Archetype’s Guitar Tuner. This application allows WP7 users to use the phone’s built in microphone to offer precise feedback for tuning a guitar.

PJ – Your vision of WP7 potential? Goals, expectations?

ML – Our goals are to continue to leverage our deep experience with Silverlight/C# to build out advanced, immersive applications on the platform for ourselves and our clients. We see a ton of potential with the platform for a  few reasons. First, despite several existing mobile platforms in the marketplace, there is still a huge opportunity for continued growth, as a large percentage of the overall mobile consumers still do not have smart phones. Second, Microsoft has made some very unique and intelligent design decisions for the platform, separating themselves from other platforms in a very compelling way. Third, the fact that Microsoft is working so closely with hardware developers will only improve the overall platform. In contrast to other platforms where there is very little collaboration or very little choice, there should be a great many compelling WP7 choices for users. Lastly, the combination of Blend and Visual Studio is far superior to any other mobile development platforms. We are already seeing a great deal of early demand from our clients and expect this to grow over the next months and years. 

Le travail fait par Microsoft est clairement d'un grand interet. Pour faire une courte comparaison avec Android, l'avantage pour Windows Phone 7 est egalement de partir avec une communaute deja existante (, Silverlight…) et la possibilite d'entrevoir un environnement un  peu moins proprietaire (la je pense iPhone) et donc plus flexible… et plus creatif !


Source : Phil Jeudy depuis San Francisco

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