Publié le 21 avril 2011, modifié le 23 janvier 2020.
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Power Treckk chargeur portable qui utilise l’éco-technologie de la pile à combustible By myFC

Publié le 21 avril 2011, modifié le 23 janvier 2020.
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myFC est une société suédoise qui vient de créer PowerTrekk un chargeur portable qui utilise l'éco-technologie de la pile à combustible propre et efficace qui convertit l'hydrogène en électricité pour les téléphones mobiles et autres appareils électroniques.

Contrairement à d'autres chargeurs de mobiles, PowerTrekk fournit la puissance instantanée, le rendant idéal pour les amateurs de plein air et les voyageurs ! PowerTrekk est une solution 2-en-1 qui est à la fois une batterie portable et une pile à combustible. La batterie portable peut être utilisé en mode autonome comme source d'énergie ou de charge instantanée sans jamais avoir besoin d'électricité via un port USB. Bientôt en vente !

Question pour le fondateur Björn Westerholm 

Can you tell us about Power Trekk ?

Basically myFC is a fuel cell company – our expertise have always been on the patented technology of the planar passive fuel cell. PowerTrekk is designed to be robust “off the wall” charger where you as an enduser – never need to go back to the wall to charge your phone. Primary markets are Outdoor industry, Disaster relief organizations , High end consumers and high income brackets/business people in emerging markets and for the next 18 months a firm charger for that One Billion people in emerging markets that have cell coverage, good enough income, and need a cellular phone but does not buy one – because there is no way to charge it.

How did you get the idea?

The idea have been present a long time – we all know that we consume more and more energy in using our phones etc. and the batteries is not getting relatively better or larger – maybe the opposite, and we know that energy for charging emerging market phones is practically not present. And therefore – fuel cells have great advantage in energy density and using oxygen from air and hydrogen from water – and can be used totally remote.

The battery market is huge how quickly advanced to compete?

The battery market is huge – even the charger market is huge and they are going hand in hand. Almost 2B chargers will be sold during 2011, in the fastest growing segment – travel chargers the volume is huge: about 190Million portable chargers is there.

Do you think your technology could be embedded in a few years?

For myFC we think that the charger market is good enough. The rip and preplace battery market is there – we have made many integrations to date, but always to emulate batteries – ei using same control software with means we need to compete with an huge industry that produces millions of units per day – still it will take time to have a complete fuel cell it will happen and we are ready to support anyone that have an educated approach doing it.